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Campers at Peak of Mt. Katahdin

Campers at Peak of Mt. Katahdin

Thanksgiving has come and passed. Hopefully, it was a time of connection with those that matter; a time to slow down and be grateful and thankful for the abundance and grace in our lives. A passage that harkens the beginning of year’s end and a culmination of all we have accomplished in the last 365 days. The whirlwind of December has begun and requires an extra helping of mindfulness and intentionality to end 2015 with the same positive intentions we began it with.


We have begun to hear from many returning staff and we are gleeful to know many of the 2012 Senior Lodgers will be actualizing their dreams of returning as counselors next summer. As plans begin to crystalize into a June arrival to the shores of Echo Lake, we’d like to share a highlight from the 2015 Summer of the Echo.


The newly ushered in Appalachian Trail camping trips provided the challenge and experience we had hoped for our 13, 14 and 15 year old campers. The Bows began 100 miles away from Mt. Katahdin and through a series of trial and errors helped us lay the seeds for a successful Bow AT Trip in 2016.  The Arrows hiked a total of 34 miles, through the middle of the 100-mile wilderness, beginning and ending their trip with resilience. While the Senior Arrows showed unwavering positivity and fortitude hiking over 40 miles of the Appalachian Trail, up Mt. Katahdin, across the Knife’s Edge, and down to Katahdin Stream. Each returned to camp fortified, energized and gushing with stories of adventure and success. We look forward this upcoming summer to award the 100 Mile Patch to the first campers completing all three legs of the journey.


These trips are a shining example of how so many people play an essential role in creating the Camp Winnebago Community. From administrative conceptualization, training well prepared Trip Leaders, trip meetings, camper/counselor integration and a strong group dynamic that carried the hikers over challenges and across mind blowing terrain, our trip program is only one example of the way in which our community connects, interlocks and almost seamlessly makes the impossible possible.


In a community that spans the globe, let’s all take a moment in the next few weeks and look at how we have been positively influenced by Camp Winnebago. We can reflect on the values learned and reinforced at camp and make a conscious effort to integrate them into our holiday season. May the Summer of the Echo, or whatever summer most deeply reverberated with you, continue to help signal our best selves forward. We look forward to thinking about and working toward another extraordinary experience during the Summer of 2016.

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