Summer of 2016 Theme Announcement

We are excited to announce the 2016 Winnebago theme — CW5_2555

Summer of Imagination

Why? Because the camp experience helps increase the expanses of a boy’s imagination by offering space, time and a broad canvas of which to paint through a medium of activities, self-discovery and relationships. Leaving technology and the clutter of busy lives behind, boys develop the ability to become more dynamic thinkers over a summer at Winnebago. It begins with staff training where counselors are encouraged to be innovative in how they frame both their activities and many other facets of camp. From the moment campers set foot into camp, minds fill with options for imaginative play. From regular free time to activities that require thinking differently and openly, campers develop their imagination.

By setting Imagination as the theme for 2016 we hope to help campers stimulate their minds and help them develop more innovative thought patterns and an appreciation for the importance of imaginative thinking.

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