Fall Reunions

Now that fall is here, leaves burst with color and complete their journey, which began as buds on bare limbs in spring. This spectacular display of fall is a beautiful extension of spring rain and summer sun. At camp, we too make the transition from season to cw1_1957season. Our maintenance crew is busy making improvements around camp and we are happy to announce a number of reunions across the country where campers and counselors will have the opportunity to connect with fellow Winnebegans, see pictures from the summer past and reminisce about the incredible “Summer of Imagination.”  Memories of trips, B&G games and summer swims will rush back to the boys as they receive and pore through their Echoes.

Whether your son attends a reunion or not, we encourage parents to take some time with their camper(s) and reflect on the past summer. Just like it is important to review materials covered in a class at school, the more subtle value based lessons learned at camp are embedded in a summer of friendships and fun. We mention how campers consistently share that they find their most genuine selves at camp and at the end of summer we encourage Winnebagans to reflect back on the lessons learned when they return home. Our reunions give boys a chance to remember and reflect on both the fun and what they learned at camp.

If you have a camper who is unable to attend a reunion, this would be an excellent opportunity for them to write a letter or an email to a camp friend and a chance for parents to help teach their boy(s) the art of sustaining relationships over time and distance. To show your child that thinking of a friend or acquaintance is nice, but taking action by making contact is the work, which gives a relationship the opportunity to deepen. This level of awareness, thoughtfulness and initiative is a useful life skill, which will help your child both socially and professionally.

May you enjoy this beautiful month of October and please keep your eyes open for our Fall newsletter that will arrive in the next few weeks. It will be wonderful to see many of you soon!

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