Not Your Ordinary Job Interview

Happy New Year from Camp Winnebago where our gaze is beginning to shift towards June 23rd when the buses will roll into camp and disgorge a cadre of gleeful campers marking the beginning of our 98th camp season. cw1_2030

In the next five months, one of our primary focuses is building a staff full of talented, mature and fun loving counselors who will teach, role model, inspire and help create a safety net for campers to explore, grow and enjoy deep friendships. We recruit staff from all over the globe and seek individuals who are excited to work with children, to learn and grow themselves, and have a mastery of skills that they will teach. Their job is multi-faceted; they instruct in a focused activity, live with and supervise campers, and develop healthy relationships with campers that they use as a platform to teach life skills, and inspire campers to take safe risks, which helps promotes camper self-discovery and growth.

Because of the diversity of the counseling job and the importance we place on the staff, our interview process is multi-tiered. We spend hours interviewing candidates, and their references, honing in on who they are as people and what experiences they could bring to the Winnebago community. Counselors often comment on the Winnebago interview process as being unique, deep and thought provoking. The most common candidate response is, “I’ve never had a job interview like that before”.

Because we are not only hiring individuals but also building a community, we seek to understand the values each candidate has incorporated into their life. We explore their family backgrounds, the role models in their lives, and their developing worldview. We seek individuals who have unique perspectives and the ability to articulate their points of view. Because counselors wear many hats, we seek individuals who can teach their activity while owning a broad and diverse set of skills to share with the campers.

Potential staff appreciate the rewarding aspects of working at camp and our investment in their personal growth. S.A.L.T Week (Staff and Leadership Training) is an in-depth and intense training that focuses on personal awareness, child psychology, Winnebago values and many practical tools to help them be wildly successful counselors.

Like all aspects of camp, we strive to bring thoughtfulness and intention to the hiring process. This is of utmost importance so we can feel confident that when those busses roll into Fayette in June, we have created the framework and assembled the talent to help create another unforgettable summer at Camp Winnebago!

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