2017 Summer Theme

Each year we choose a theme, which becomes a beacon that guides us through paththe upcoming summer. The theme is woven into staff training, summer t-shirts, campfires and beyond. We look for themes, which have symbolism, versatility and are relatable to the camp experience.

The theme for Winnebago’s 98th summer is The Summer of the Path. We feel this concept works on many levels.  Very literally, our trip program is a center point of the camp experience, campers are taught to navigate paths from their very first summer.  From simple paths that carry Winnebegans up and down mountains, to the rivers that run deep into the Maine wilderness to the Appalachian Trail, the longest contiguous path in the US, we teach campers how to both navigate paths and treat them with respect.

At the same time, we open the treasure trove of metaphors. 250 individuals traveling their own path to Camp Winnebago and beyond, and together we embark upon a path leading us to athletic achievement, refined skills, profound relationships and deep personal insights.

We are excited for The Summer of the Path to lead us on a winding journey full of excitement, joy and tons of fun and trust we will navigate this path with the intentionality and spirit, which has been been a part of Winnebago since 1919.

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