Winnebago Alumni Association


The Winnebago Alumni Association (“WAA”) provides the opportunity for boys to attend Winnebago who do not have the financial resources to attend Camp Winnebago. The WAA brings alumni together and commits to provide the financial assistance for a multi-year experience. The Alumni Association helps select those boys who will benefit from its scholarship programs. We invite you to add your information to our Winnebago Alumni Database.

Board of Directors & Officers:

President: Jim Astrove
Vice President:  Peter Newman
Secretary:  Paul Schwarz
Treasurer:  Ethan Ris

Board Members: Dick Lewis, Erik Hartog, Peter Sheehy, Ben Lilienthal, Todd Levy, Brad Solmsen, Eric Feder


The WAA solicits financial donations from Winnebago Alumni. The WAA is a 501c(3) and these donations are tax deductible. You can donate by clicking: