Getting Ready for Camp

Packing for Camp:

Please review the Packing List for clothing and equipment required for camp.  Clothing may be purchased wherever you wish but for convenience, we have provided a link to our recommended outfitter, Amerasport.  Much more information about uniforms, packing guidelines and helpful hints can be found in your Parent handbook 2018.

Proper camping gear is an essential part of your son having safe and successful experiences on their camping trips.

International Campers:

To help lighten the load, we provide towels and sleeping bags for your use during the summer.

Shipping Bags to Camp:

Bags may be shipped to camp via UPS, Fedex or Parcel Post prior to your son’s arrival.  For those living on the East Coast, we ask that you use Camp Baggage.  From this link you can download an enrollment form for submission by mail or enroll online.

Summer Medications:

In order to provide the safest, most reliable and efficient way to dispense regularly prescribed medications during the summer,  Camp Winnebago works with CampRx, a division of DirectRx Pharmacy, to provide accurate dosing and dispensing of your child’s medications while they are at camp.  CampRx packages all medications into water-tight EasyPaks which can be easily transported and given to your son at the appropriate time.

To register with CampRx, please log on to their website On the right hand side there is a parent’s button, click on the Register Now button to begin.