Health & Safety

Our primary concern is the health, safety and security of our campers.

Laura Lilienthal Blaisdell, Andy’s wife, is a board-certified pediatrician and the Camp Medical Director.

Winnebago holds thrice-daily clinics to attend to the medical needs of the campers. Our trained staff, composed of two nurses and a doctor (plus Laura), is always ready to respond to emergent issues.  When the need arises, there are four private rooms in the infirmary where campers convalesce.  A regional medical center 10 miles from camp provides laboratory and x-ray facilities, and a major medical facility 17 miles away provides timely access to emergency and inpatient services.

From the first day of Staff and Leadership Training (SALT), we work to make camp as fun and meaningful as possible under the rubric of safety.  Everything we do at camp is with safety in mind. Sure, there are inherent risks in some of the activities we do, yet year in and year out, we experience a very low incidence of injury.  We attribute this to the fact that safety is our top priority.

At night, a security guard is on duty in case of emergency and provides a nice safety blanket when everyone is asleep.