Staff FAQ’s

What are dates of camp (including staff training)?

There is a one-week training for all staff members beginning June 14th and ending June 21st. Staff members receiving lifeguard training and ropes training arrive June 10th. Campers arriver June 22nd and depart August 12th.


What experience is necessary to be a counselor?

Counselors must be at least 19 years old or have completed one year of college. We pursue counselors from diverse backgrounds. We ask that counselors either have experience working with children or have a sincere interest in making a positive impact on children. We look for counselors who have had influential role models in their life and are ready to become a role model themselves. We also hire staff experienced in their program area.


How many days off?

Counselors have 5 days off each summer. During these days we help facilitate their leaving camp and having the opportunity to explore the myriad of beautiful areas in and around Maine.


Where is staff housing?

Male counselors live in the bunks with campers. Female counselors live in a two-story house that is located within a 3 minute walk into camp. Married couples and non-bunk counselors are offered a variety of other housing options.


What is the compensation?

Compensation varies according to experience. All counselors have room, board and laundry included as part of their contract as well as a very affordable summer health insurance plan, which covers up to $6,000 with no deductible. Travel to camp is a consideration that is built into the contract.


Do I get to help teach more than one activity?

The experience of counseling at Camp Winnebago is dynamic and diverse. Beyond the activity a counselor specializes in, there are many opportunities to lead or assist in various activities.


How much time off do we get?

Aside from the 5 days off, each counselor has a minimum of one period off each day. At night, once campers are asleep counselors not on duty have free time from approximately 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM.


How do I get my laundry done?

Our staff will wash your laundry once a week.


Are there women counselors?



How do I get to camp?

Counselors are provided a travel stipend or have a plane ticket purchased as part of their contract.


What is the interview process like?

Upon applying to work at Camp Winnebago, individuals will be contacted by phone to answer any questions they may have and at this point a 1-2 hour phone or Skype interview is scheduled. Upon completion of the interview references are contacted.


How many staff members are there?

There are approximately 60 counselors at camp each summer.


What is the dress code for staff?

Staff is provided Camp Winnebago staff shirts to wear for the summer. We ask staff to dress casually yet respectfully meaning clean pants or shorts that are not ragged or with holes.


Can I use my phone/electronics?

We have a no technology (nothing with a screen) for campers. Staff is asked to use cell phones/tablets/laptops in the Counselor building, a facility with Wi-Fi.


What is the temperature like during the summer?

Maine is known for its temperate summers. It is generally 75-85°F during the day and 55-65° F at night.


How is the food?

Our food is diverse, delicious and accommodating. Three meals a day as well as a full salad bar is provided by our kitchen.  Special dietary needs are usually accommodated without a problem.


Will I get feedback?

Camp Winnebago uses a 360° evaluation process. Counselors receive feedback through a supervisor, which has been gathered anonymously from peers, administration and supervisors. Throughout the summer counselor receive regular feedback and positive support outside of the more formal evaluation process.

Will I make friends?
One of the greatest benefits derived from working at Camp Winnebago is the long lasting relationships made each summer. With such a diverse, interesting and compassionate group of individuals who spend a great amount of time focused on a positive goal, the development of meaningful relationships is inevitable and counselors usually leave camp having made life ling friends.