Summer of 2019 Theme

In the year 1919, Frederick (Chief) Guggenheimer fulfilled his dream of creating a camp on the former Smiley Farm. Chief had a vision of a camp where boys would leave the city, disconnect from the urban atmosphere and in doing so have the freedom to learn and play unencumbered from the complexity of modern life. In the ensuing years, Winnebago was  transformed from the open fields of a dairy farm into a camp replete with bunks, athletic fields and much more. A century later, Winnebago continues to evolve as a place where thousands of boys from across the globe have enjoyed life changing experiences as Winnebago campers.


As the year 2019 approaches Camp Winnebago becomes a centenarian and we are excited to announce the theme for the upcoming summer 2019 – The Summer of 100. The number 100 carries with it gravity.  Less than .02% of companies last 100 years, 100 years is at the outer limits of the length of a human life and Wilt Chamberlain holds the seemingly unbreakable record of 100 points in an NBA basketball game. It is a number that embodies durability and wholeness.


In honoring camp’s centennial we intend to draw attention to the unique characteristics of Camp Winnebago that have helped it thrive for 10 decades. 2019 -The Summer of 100 promises to be perhaps the best summer yet!