Founded in 1919, Winnebago offers a unique experience amidst a caring, dynamic and supportive community. Boys make lifelong friends and learn to excel in a wide variety of activities leaving them brimming with confidence, happiness and lasting memories. At the end of summer, campers depart, already counting down the days until their return.

For nearly a century, Winnebago has offered boys, ages 8-15, a safe, positive and creative environment where, in the spirit of fun, they develop both physically and socially through participation in a broad range of land & water sports, wilderness adventure, and individual activities. With over a 90% return rate, we know that our campers thrive. If camp were just about fun that would be easy. Rather, we have fun and challenge boys who value their achievements. The result? We help nurture confident young men who make positive differences in the world simply by who they are. Winnebago is not for the boy “who can” but for the boy “who will.” – Uncle Howie Lilienthal

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