Whether you have been in close contact throughout the years or have lost touch, we are eager for your perspective, stories and pictures (if you have them) of your time at Winnebago. Whether it was last year, 10 years ago or 50, it is our experiences here that make us rich and we invite you to share.   This page will also give you the opportunity to search for old friends once you update your personal record.

The Museum at Camp Winnebago, built as part of Winnebago’s 75th Anniversary, houses an extensive collection of camp memorabilia dating from 1919 – a collection we are always interested in expanding. If you have anything you’ d like to contribute, we would love to hear from you.

We’re proud that we’ve been part of your life. We hope this portion of our site will help foster a continued connection with you and friends made since the summer(s) Winnebago was your home.

Best Wishes,

Uncle Jim Astrove

President, Winnebago Alumni Association

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