A Typical Day

At Winnebago, you have the opportunity to change a camper’s life and in turn, campers will remember you for the rest of their lives. Of course, we hope their memories will be positive.

As you can see from the schedule, days at Winnebago are fairly busy. Up at 7:30 AM and you are rarely finished any earlier than 9:30 PM.  Of course, we make sure you get some time off during the day. However, there is ample time to play. Whether playing on a softball and volleyball team with fellow staff and the older campers after dinner, or canoeing on the lake, we want you to enjoy the facilities when you have the chance.

7:30amWake up, wash and dress
8:30 – 9:10 amCabin cleanup
9:20 -10:20 am Athletics – Brown and Green competition
10:25-11:25 am Instructional Swim.
11:30-12:30 am Selected activity #1
12:25 pm First call for lunch – activities end, wash up for lunch.
1:15 pmRest Hour
**When not on-duty, this is free time. There are always
volleyball games, tennis and basketball going on, or use
your time to check email or even take a nap!
2:30-3:30 pmAthletic Instruction
3:35-4:35 pm Free Swim
4:40 – 5:40 pm Selected Activity #2
5:40 pmFirst call for Dinner – Activities end and wash up for dinner
6:00 pmDinner
6:30 pmFree time and mixed age group games.
**Staff and older campers play volleyball and softball in
an After Supper League about 3 times a week.
7:45 amEvening Assembly or Campfire
9:00 pmReady for bed

Staff Recreation & Time Off

After you put your campers to bed and you are not on duty, you are free to go out for some time off. We only ask that you return by 1:30 AM so you can be rested and ready for the next day. We also insist that you leave camp on your day off as we recognize the importance of getting some time off away from camp. Don’t worry, if you do not have a car, we make sure you have access to transportation.