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Traditional boys summer camp in MaineOn the shores of six-mile long Echo Lake and among 100-year-old pine and hardwood trees, Winnebago sits within a breathtaking landscape on 400 acres of land and 2 miles of lakefront. This beautiful location provides a rare opportunity to slow the pace of boys’ daily routine, to escape the wired world to meet new friends, learn more about themselves, and to find true adventure.

Located in Fayette, Maine, Camp Winnebago is 17 miles from Augusta, 75 miles from Portland and a three hour drive from Boston.


“The cabins were simple structures without electricity, in-house plumbing, or air conditioning. The emphasis was on the essentials: friendship, skill-development, experience by doing, empathy, and good manners. I experienced and lived these intangibles. They have shaped my values and my beliefs as an adult.”
  Billy, Boston, MA

Health and safety

Doctor Laura Lilienthal supervises the health and safety at Camp Winnebago

Our primary concern is the health, safety and security of our campers. Laura Lilienthal Blaisdell, Andy’s wife, is a board certified pediatrician and Winnebago’s medical Director. She oversees our trained staff of 2 RN’s who hold daily clinics to attend to the medical needs of the campers. The medical team also visits the younger campers in their cabins almost weekly to make sure fingernails are clipped and to check for medical issues that may have gone unattended. When needed, there are four private rooms in the infirmary where campers convalesce. A major medical facility is 17 miles away, providing timely access to emergency and inpatient services.

Counselors keep campers safe at Winnebago

From the first day of Staff Training, we work to make camp as fun and meaningful as possible under the rubric of safety. Sure, there are inherent risks in some of the activities we do, yet we experience an extremely low incidence of injury and attribute this to the fact that safety is our top priority. At night, a security guard is on duty in case of emergency and provides a nice safety blanket when camp is asleep.

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Kitchen and food

Kitchen and food at Camp Winnebago

We are a nut free camp and can accommodate campers with food allergies such as gluten and lactose intolerance and other dietary restrictions such as vegetarians and kosher diets.

We know that for boys food is energy and the kitchen takes its mission seriously. We have two chefs and six kitchen staff that prepare healthy meals with thought and care. Our food is great; it is fresh, nutritious and there is plenty of it.

The entire camp eats in one sitting at round tables, which promote a social and comfortable atmosphere. At breakfast and dinner, a cabin (or two) will eat together and at lunch, campers enjoy assigned mixed seating each week and part of the fun is figuring out why they are sitting together. There is always a reason!

Our menus are designed with children’s taste in mind and are nutritious and balanced, prepared fresh and served buffet style.

Dining hall at Camp Winnebago

Breakfast choices begin with a hot entrée such as eggs, pancakes, or French toast and complimented by a breakfast bar that includes hot and cold cereals, fruit and yogurt.

Lunches and dinners are varied, ranging from grilled steak to spaghetti and meatballs to pizza, and is always accompanied with a salad bar replete with side dishes such as hummus, marinated veggies, tuna and chicken salad and fruit.

We have a station of Sunflower Butter and Jelly as an option and fresh fruit is offered as a mid-morning and afternoon snack.


Our facilities

Swimming lessons at Camp Winnebago

Winnebago’s facilities are modern yet not flashy. Campers live in comfortable screened cabins. The younger campers generally have 6 boys and two counselors in a cabin and the rest enjoy 4 or 5 campers and 1 counselor per cabin. There is no shortage of places to explore at camp. We have more than 65 buildings and campers easily find what interests them, including a ping pong building where boys can play in their free time. Several large buildings allow for the entire camp to convene, including our lodge where we gather most evenings for theater performances or other all-camp events.

Tennis in field houseOur athletic facilities are top notch. We have more fields than we can use at one time and count 5 softball/baseball diamonds, 2 outdoor basketball courts, 2 soccer fields, a clay and a beach volleyball court, a sprawling low and high ropes course and 7 Har-Tru tennis courts. We also have a 12,000 square foot field house that encompasses hockey, basketball, volleyball, short court tennis, and a climbing wall. This beautiful building allows us to enjoy a plethora of indoor activities on rainy days.

Our waterfront is downright beautiful and features a beach area where boys can play in the shallows, a six-lane floating pool built into the lake, a deep water area with a high dive and waterside, and a separate dock system that houses our sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and waterskiing programs.

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