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Building skills & creativity

Selected activities allow boys to experience non-athletic activities which they develop as lifelong skills. Campers choose one activity in the morning and one in the afternoon for a period of 10 days, developing both an appreciation and expertise in the activity. They then begin another cycle, choosing a total of 8 activities over the course of the summer.

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Boys explore areas of interest that often develop into lifelong pursuits

There are more than a dozen choices. How about archery, canoeing, or sailing? Improve at tennis? Appear on stage in a play? Make a video? Develop your own pictures? Write for the camp newspaper? Learn carpentry or make a clay sculpture? As in other areas of camp, campers learn through active instruction, by doing and by following the example of counselors.
Special assemblies at Camp Winnebago include a Halloween special


Throughout the summer, many evenings involve a specially-themed assembly that include: Halloween, Derby Night, Mardi Gras, Casino Night, Camper and Counselor Hunt, Night Under the Stars, Senior Circus, Birthday Dinner, and Mid-Summer Carnival.

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